About the person behind ‘The Mad Hatter’..

I’m not going to lie, I never know what to put in these ‘about me‘ sections. I normally either end up talking total bulls**t or putting a cheesy quote to make up for my lack of self.

So I’ll just start by introducing myself, hello bloggers, readers and passers-byer’s, I’m Dionne, or D for short. *good old fashioned hand shake*..

I am a 25 years old currently living in Wales. I say currently as I am constantly daydreaming of travelling the world.. 🌎

I’m a lover of the following things: Disney, Animals, Tattoos, Tim Burton, kooky horror and Marilyn Monroe.

If you like to look at pictures, I’m not 100% sure mine will be of your interest, but here’s my Instagram account just incase I tickle your fancy: @dionnetylerr

My blog will be a load of mumble jumble that comes out of this crazy, little brain of mine, I mean not all of you are going to agree but hey, we all have our opinions and own views right?

Why I started this blog; To me, it’s some sort of self-therapy. It lets me release the things that tend to make my mind go crazy. I love sharing my experiences and I love giving advice, I also love getting it to. So I welcome any so long as it’s not hateful.

I like talking about Mental Health, Endometriosis and Infertility. I like to raise awareness mostly. These are all serious and touchy subject that a lot of people either ignore, joke about or just do not take seriously. So hello, here I am, a great avenger of Mental Health and beyond..

A lot of it will be my own experiences and thoughts. Remember that everyone experiences things differently so please remember mine will differ from others, ok? I just like to let people know my side and if people can relate, then so be it.

I’m guessing I’m not going to be everybodies cup of tea but some people like coffee or even better, a glass of gin and tonic.. ☕️🍸

I hope you enjoy my blog and happy reading to you all, D. x

8 thoughts on “About the person behind ‘The Mad Hatter’..

  1. ricknelsonca says:

    Hey Dionne:
    Kudoos on creating this blog. I picked it up off of EP (altruistrick)
    It’s great to see that you have both the courage and the want to bring this challenging situation closer to the awareness of the mainstream.
    Really looking forward to future post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aligain says:

    Hey D! I’m proud of you for making this blog. There will be people that will not understand it BUT there will be so many people that you will touch by bringing awareness to mental disorders.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Alien says:

    Hello Dionne
    Maybe artwork would be good relaxing therapy for you …perhaps learning a musical Instrument maybe doodads my dog is ” playing dead” legs in the air as she lies upside down on my stretched out legs… Pets are great company and not judgemental ( as long as you are kind to them)….
    Live your life enjoy the dun have fun when you can…Alien


  4. albuslepus says:

    We simply must have tea-sometime my dear, your blog theme is pos-o-lutely thrilling.

    I’ve found that blogging helps me get out these feelings, but I don’t share it with my friends and family, so it’s a safe-place, I’m not saying what they want to hear, I’m saying what I feel, it’s cathartic.

    Expect to see my fluff-able white tail darting through your comments from time-to-time. Again, adore the theme. ❤


  5. Gill dunn says:

    Just came across ure blog ….really struggling with the demons of self loathe at the moment … I can spend hours googling my thots and feeling in at attempt to make sense of it all … I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar and Borderline Personality for ten years … Reading your blog made me smile made me cry …. Its like my life in a nutshell …every little detail… If only other could understand … gonna let my partner read this blogxx


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